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The Hunger Games for a 9-year-old? Featured

Written by  Friday, 02 March 2012 09:49
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My 4th grader, who is still 9, and our oldest (so doesn't have the benefit of an older sibling to break in his parents for him) is begging to read The Hunger Games.  I've told him what it's about, and that I think he should wait until he's in middle school.

He insists he is the ONLY one in his class who hasn't read it (which I know probably means a few kids have).  To his credit. I have confirmed several of the other kids have read it, but I also had to give him the EVERYONE IS DOING IT is not a good reason theory.

I read  The Hunger Games over the holidays, not thinking about looking at it throught the lens of a kid, but remember it as a great book, for sure, but also violent and full of emotional parts that are heavy for a little kid.  Am I missing something?  

What do you think?  Would you, or have you. let your kids 10 and under read The Hunger Games?  It was, after all, recently ranked #33 on Scholastic's list of 100 Great Books for Kids.

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