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Do you run?

Written by CalmMom Wednesday, 07 March 2012 09:14

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Do you run? Have you ever ran? When I was in my 20's a did some running and I remember it felt great. I was also skinny- not the bad skinny, but the fit into skinny-jeans skinny. Shopping for clothes was a pleasure.

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But that was a long time ago and since then I got married and had two children. I don't buy skinny jeans and shopping for clothes is a bit of a chore. Things wiggle that should not and I don't feel as "solidified" as I once did.

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Still. I got inspired by some of my co-workers who are runners. They come into the office in running tights that show no bulges, no jiggly stuff. I admire it. They are moms and they aren't in their 20's. I thought, hmmm...can I run too? Is this even possible?

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I decided I will try to run. The last time I ran was after my 4-year-old at the mall. This time I was on a treadmill at the gym. I cranked the speed up to 5.2 and began running. It felt awful, everything was loose, jiggly and my knee hurt.

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I ran just 1 minute. 1 minute! I felt exhausted and was in pain. I resumed walking on a slight incline.

I minute and I was done! Tomorrow I am going to try 2 minutes. Yep, 2 minutes!



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