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More Families Going Meatless Featured

Written by  Saturday, 10 March 2012 13:26
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I just read an article that states meat consumption is steadily decreasing in American households. Whether the cost of meat, protecting the environment or health reasons are the cause of this, people are flocking to food sites like epicurious and searching for meatless recipes. Fish, eggs, and other high protein options like quinoa, tempeh, and tofu are popping up in search queries more than ever.


With all of the info in recent years about how meat gets from the pastures to our bellies, I know our family has been eating less of it. Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma was a huge eye opener for me as well as millions of other people. By the end of it, he advocates only eating meat we hunt and then kill ourselves, which, last I heard Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is doing. But who has time for that, or the stomach for it?


Then, since the recent news that fast food chains like McDonald’s have been serving the whole chicken pureed (bones and all) with a little ammonia thrown in to kill bacteria, we haven’t eaten fast food since. I really thought the now infamous picture of pink slime in those pictures was strawberry milkshake mix, not the beginnings of chicken nuggets. Gross!


Anyways, with all of these searches for meatless recipes swirling around the web out there, I’d like to hear some of them. What are your favorite, family friendly meatless recipes?

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  • Comment Link Julie Samrick Friday, 16 March 2012 10:39 posted by Julie Samrick

    Great ideas, Lorien! Would love to know your quinoa and black bean burrito recipe too. Last night we had tortellini soup- cheese tortellini, sautéed veggies (cooked in a little apple juice) with veggie stock and tomato sauce. It's from the Prevention magazine cookbook- was healthy and a hit with picky eaters :)

  • Comment Link Lorien Melton Wednesday, 14 March 2012 10:11 posted by Lorien Melton

    We watched a few documentaries which really opened our eyes to the health benefits and well as the hygiene issues going on in these "mass farms". Gross!!

    My kids still love a lot of the same meatless things.

    Mac & Cheese Bake (Whole wheat shells & Real Cheese) - not out of a box. Can make tons of pasta a head of time and refrigerate it to use for several meals.

    Quinoa & Black Bean burritos.

    Pasta (same made at the beginning of the week) with Tofu & diced carrots. They never really liked sauce so I use a little olive oil - heat it all up in one pan and sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top. For my husband and I, I add in some sun-dried tomatoes, basil and olives. serve with Salad...yum!

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