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Leaf It to Me

Create a Leaf Printed Banner of Your Own

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By Heidi Kundin

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Leaf printing is a lovely way to capture the changing colors of the season. Spend an afternoon creating this leaf printed banner with your family, and this beautiful autumn display will last in your home until long after the last leaves have fallen.

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What You'll Need:

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  • Cardstock
  • Various shapes and sizes of leaves
  • Assorted colors of acrylic or tempera paint
  • Foam paintbrush
  • Rolling pin
  • Hole punch
  • Twine
  • Paper towels or wipes for messy fingers


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  • Start by gathering your leaves - softer leaves work best for printing, so leave the crunchy ones on the ground and seek out the more flexible and green ones.
  • Pour several different colors of paint onto a paper plate or baking sheet into a thin layer, overlapping to create a marbled effect.
  • Older children can use a foam paint brush to dab the marbled paint on to their leaf. Younger children can dip their leaf directly into the paint tray, but be sure that there isn't too much paint on the leaf or it will result in a gloppy and distorted print. Avoid this by using only a very thin layer of paint in the paint tray if you intend to dip your leaves into it.
  • Sandwich your painted leaf between two sheets of cardstock and lightly roll over the stack with a rolling pin. Use firm but gentle pressure for the best printing results.
  • Remove the top piece of cardstock and carefully peel up the leaf to reveal the print.
  • To create a banner from your leaf prints, cut your prints to your desired shape and size, punch a hole in the top corners and string them along a piece of twine.

Heidi Kundin lives in Lincoln with her husband and three sons, Sawyer (6), Sutton (5) and Simon (1). You can find her blogging about all things crafty over at